In this course you will learn the basics of mobile media. It will start with an overview of the mobile industry and why this Chanel is so important currently. From there, we will get into some specifics of mobile platforms and ad formats.


  • Define “mobile media” at a high level
  • Describe the difference between “mobile media” and “mobile marketing”
  • Define importance of mobile to advertisers
  • Discuss the figures validating the growth of mobile usage
  • Explain how limited internet access in developing areas has give a boost to mobile media
  • List the two mobile platforms
  • Describe the differences between smartphones and tablets
  • Explain why mobile has to deal with OS’s but desktop doesn’t
  • Compare Android and iOS
  • Define app marketing
  • List the top mobile media ad formats
  • Explain what mobile rich media is
  • Define native advertising

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Will Phung

Will Phung is the Vice President of Media for M&C Saatchi Mobile, a leading full-service mobile advertising agency. In this capacity, he oversees all US based client accounts and manages the Media and Design teams. Will is responsible for media-partner relationships and for ensuring that campaigns meet the more.

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