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Marketing Analytics Introduction

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Learn why marketing analytics is important, and how to use the purchase funnel as a framework for optimizing your marketing campaigns across paid, owned, and earned channels. Also learn about the consumer data ecosystem; where data comes from, what it means, and how to use it to optimize marketing strategy.


  • Describe the importance of marketing analytics
  • Explain the fundamentals of the purchase funnel
  • Describe the different stages of the purchase funnel
  • Relate the different types of campaigns appropriate for each stage
  • Identify coordinating metrics for each stage of the purchase funnel
  • Define different types of POE media data and the benefits of each
  • Explain the roles of paid, owned, and earned media in marketing
  • Explain the importance of each data type and how it’s used in marketing analytics
  • Explain the differences between first-, second-, and third-party data
  • Define how each data type is created
  • State examples of first-, second-, and third-party data

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Sharon Bernstein

Sharon Bernstein has almost 20 years of digital analytics and e-commerce strategy experience spanning multiple industries and Fortune 100 clients. Specializing in online media measurement approaches, e-commerce strategies, digital campaign and web analytics, as well as competitive intelligence benchmarking, Sha more.

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