Infographic: 15+ Actionable Social Media Marketing Tips

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Editor's Note: Nirav Dave is CTO of Capsicum Mediaworks, a digital media agency in Mumbai. Today he joins us to share an infographic produced by his team which outlines key tips for a successful social media marketing strategy.

Social media has come a long way from being just a platform to meet and communicate with family and friends. Since the technology's earliest days, it has quickly expanded into all domains of public and private life. Today, social media marketing is one of the most cost-effective techniques for boosting your brand’s visibility and reaching a global audience.

Having a social media profile for your business across all major platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest has become crucial. If you are a new online business, an active presence on these sites will especially help to garner more exposure.

But differentiating social media from other traditional forms of marketing, the techniques involved are quite different. By failing to use them correctly, it's harder to make an impact with a social media platform.

To ensure that doesn’t happen, we have created an infographic that details 15+ actionable tips for a successful social media marketing campaign. This guide includes the most effective social media marketing strategies to deliver results, and help accomplish your marketing goals.

What are some of the best Social Media Strategies for success?

  • Create Social Media Profiles for your business on all relevant social platforms. Every site has a different audience, and it's important not to neglect potential prospects, so don't put all of your eggs in one basket.
  • Create multimedia content such as infographics, explainer videos, podcasts etc. Many businesses keep a blog, which is an excellent way to generate resources for your audience. But social media is a visual space, so don't neglect video and imagery.
  • Actively engage with your audience by responding to all queries and comments. Many customers turn to social media for product support and complaints, so be sure these are accessible to your support team.
  • Share posts consistently; create a social media posting schedule to stay on top of things. By failing to post regularly, you may risk a reduction in views and engagement.
  • Use Facebook and Twitter Ads to generate targeted leads and boost conversion. The existing audience on your profiles will help you predict what demographics to target.
  • Track and analyse social media marketing metrics. This will help you to refine your strategy, by showing what works and what doesn't for your audience.

These and other social media marketing tips detailed below will help increase your traffic and boost conversions. By following the advice and creating your own

The Ultimate Guide - Social Media Marketing

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