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Archive: October, 2012

Web Analytics: Why You Should Still Look at Your Raw Data

Website Analytics

When you think about how much time you spend in your various analytics platforms, I bet you haven’t really divided up your work between pre-packaged “Cooked” reports and actual raw data.  Pre-packaged would include custom queries, comparison tables, excel inspired dashboards with lots of fun colors and charts affirming just how smart you are, and […]

SEO Breadcrumbs: Not Just for the Birds

SEO Bread Crumbs

In the Hansel and Gretel story, Hansel takes a slice of bread and leaves a trail of bread crumbs for them to follow home. However, they find that the birds have eaten the crumbs and they are lost in the woods. I’m sure that in 1812 the Brothers Grimm had no idea that part of […]

Google Webmaster Tools Adds “Disavow Links” Tool

Google Webmaster Tools

Since the release of the Google Panda algorithm update in 2011, which can harm a site’s rankings if there are too many spammy or low quality links, webmasters have been trying to find a way to remove links to their site from outside sites. Up until now all you could do was ask the other […]

6 Tips for Email Frequency

Email Marketing Guidelines

After spending days working on copy for a client’s email campaign, I started thinking about the age old question of how much really is too much. No matter what, you always want to have an onboarding/welcome campaign going on, but what happens after that? Do you send weekly? Bi-weekly? Monthly? Every 2 days? There’s no […]

3 Reasons B2B Marketers Should Blog

Many B2B companies that I work with are skeptical of creating a blog for various reasons. Most are concerned over starting something that they won’t keep up with, but also that it may harm the reputation of their company. Here are a couple of the most common reasons I’ve heard: I don’t have anything interesting […]

Modern B2B Marketing: 5 Tips for Success from Jon Miller

I’m thrilled to announce that Jon Miller, VP Marketing, will be our guest speaker Tuesday, October 16, 2012 at our Digital Leaders Cocktail Hour [registration is free!] at our office in San Francisco, CA. Jon will present best practices for B2B marketing success, and talk about how to build a great career in digital marketing. We’ll also […]

What are Google Adwords Shared Budgets?

It can get overwhelming to manage multiple budgets across many campaigns. This is especially true when certain campaigns always hit their daily budget and others don’t. Factor in news events or promotions and that can drive up search results. Sometimes the day of the week will make an impact and you’ll find yourself rearranging each […]

Top 3 Conversion Optimization Myths from #ConvCon

Conversion Conference Florida kicked off this morning in beautiful Ft. Lauderdale, FL. The event is packed—and I love meeting so many smart marketers who are passionate about ROI. Now, the discipline of conversion optimization is full of many myths, including “red converts better than blue,” “short pages always outperform long pages,” and more. In his […]

Keyword Density or ‘Aggressive SEO’

Keyword Density

Keywords are always a main focus of any SEO discussion. The Search Engines use your keywords to determine what your site, and ultimately each page, should be ranked for. Matt Cutts from Google recently talked about this in an article called Stop Obsessing about Keyword Density! A More Useful Keyword Strategy. In this column he […]

3 Landing Page Lessons from Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs Apple

Friday was the anniversary of Steve Jobs’ passing. Steve was brilliant innovator—who married stunning, user-friendly designs with the latest advancements in technology. He had an innate ability for developing products that consumers wanted, before they even realized it. Now you’re probably thinking: what can Steve teach us about landing pages? The answer is: a lot. […]

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