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Category: B2B Marketing

B2B Marketers: The Millennials Are Taking Over, Are You Ready?

By now, you are likely well aware that Millennials (aka Generation Y, age 18-32 today) hold the keys to your company’s future. Many of them are already customers, vendors, and up-and-coming sales rock stars (even though many avoid writing complete sentences or care to use the shift key). By 2025, … Read more…

Is Shorter B2B Content Better?

A client recently asked if I could write a white paper for them. However, when I inquired about the project, I learned that they didn’t want a traditional 10-page white paper. They wanted a two-page article that would fit on a single sheet of paper, so that their sales reps could easily hand it to leads… Read more…

How to Use Content to Influence B2B Technology Buyers

The B2B technology buying process involves more decision-makers than ever before. If you want to create content that helps you attract high-quality leads and turn them into customers, you must tailor your content for all of your audiences. This means you need to develop content not only for early-,… Read more…

MQL, DSP, Programmatic, Big Data…Oh My!

This week I am attending both Tech Marketing 360 (for B2B technology companies) and Digiday’s Agency Summit. I find the compelling nature of both agendas to be way too similar, despite the disparate audience focus.

In looking at the agendas of both events, I noticed similarly titled sessions such… Read more…

4 Things You Need To Know About The B2B Content Funnel

Does your content do most of the selling for your company? It should. But if it doesn’t, your problem may be rooted in not having a content strategy that mirrors an effective sales funnel. In my upcoming session for the Online Marketing Institute’s “B2B Digital Marketing Essentials for 2014Read more…

3 Qualities of Super B2B Marketers: An Interview with Jasmine Sandler

jasmine sandler

Do you and your team have what it takes to be successful B2B marketers?

In today’s new world of B2B, it takes much more than a large sales force or dial list to be successful.

If you want to drive sales of epic proportions, you need to make sure you have the skills and experience necessary to make incredibly… Read more…

How to Stop Leads from Leaking Out of Your Sales Funnel

leaky sales funnel

In our final installment on how to develop and nurture sales-ready qualified leads (here is the last post on multi-touch email & teleprospecting), we will look at a second case study where a firm successfully incorporated a multi-touch, multi-channel marketing approach to boost sales. However,… Read more…

5 Reasons You Are Terrible at Content Marketing

content marketing statistic

Everybody wants to be at great at content marketing, but not many people have what it takes to truly be a great online writer.

Marketing your content online takes a lot more than just publishing a blog post and expecting everyone to follow all over themselves in reverie.

Do you have what it takes to create… Read more…

The 7 Steps of the Inbound Marketing Campaign Process

inbond marketing campaign process

The business world is always trying to figure out how to use process to create scale. Makes sense, right? With good process comes scale, and with scale comes higher profitability. The same holds true in marketing. Properly deployed inbound marketing requires many different things to happen. Forgetting… Read more…

How a Glove Manufacturer Exceeded Sales Goals with Multi-Touch Email & Teleprospecting

grow sales

In the previous four posts on the importance of multi-touch lead nurturing, we discussed what it takes to deliver a qualified, sales-ready lead. In summary, we said:

  • Marketing is now required to generate more of the higher quality sales-ready leads defined by the sales organization.
  • This isn’t
  • Read more…

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