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Category: B2B Marketing

B2B Content Marketing Needs To Mature: Here’s How To Develop Yours

B2B marketers value content marketing – this tactic ranked third to in-person events and digital as the most popular line item in Forrester’s 2014 budget survey. On average, B2B marketers say they spend 12% of their budget on content marketing. (subscription required)

But popularity doesn’tRead more…

Predictive Intelligence: The Fuel for Successful B2B Marketing

Consider this scenario: A regional bank is evaluating providers to help it migrate its financial management applications to the cloud. The cross-functional decision-making team is spread across offices and communicates heavily over tools like Skype. In addition to the time team members spend … Read more…

A Very Short Guide on How-To Get Your Content Seen on Facebook

Demystifying Facebook reach and the EdgeRank process.

Many fellow entrepreneurs, small local business owners, and marketers get a little befuddled by Facebook. This can be especially true for B2B folk, but not exclusively (as evidenced by my local yoga studio). Consequently, I thought it could … Read more…

Survey Results Revealed: Are B2B Marketers As Mature As They Think?

When it comes to B2B Content Marketing, the bad news is a skills gap is emerging as most senior marketers are far behind in the effort to produce content that engages buyers. The good news is, we can only go up from here.

In a recent content marketing benchmark study, the Online Marketing Institute, teamed… Read more…

How To Use Predictive Intelligence to Target the Right Buyers and Close More Deals

With 60 to 90 percent of buyers making their purchase decisions before they hit an organization’s sales funnel, marketing and sales are turning to predictive intelligence to capture unknown prospects and target the right leads. As I have been working with enterprise companies on their lead generation… Read more…

How-To Create B2B Case Studies That Deliver Results

Today’s B2B buyers are social.

They no longer immediately call a sales rep when they want to learn about a product. Instead, they search Google or tap their social networks for proof that a product delivers results.

Case studies are a great way to demonstrate this social proof.

A hawkeye study revealed… Read more…

B2B Marketers: The Millennials Are Taking Over, Are You Ready?

By now, you are likely well aware that Millennials (aka Generation Y, age 18-32 today) hold the keys to your company’s future. Many of them are already customers, vendors, and up-and-coming sales rock stars (even though many avoid writing complete sentences or care to use the shift key). By 2025, … Read more…

Is Shorter B2B Content Better?

A client recently asked if I could write a white paper for them. However, when I inquired about the project, I learned that they didn’t want a traditional 10-page white paper. They wanted a two-page article that would fit on a single sheet of paper, so that their sales reps could easily hand it to leads… Read more…

How to Use Content to Influence B2B Technology Buyers

The B2B technology buying process involves more decision-makers than ever before. If you want to create content that helps you attract high-quality leads and turn them into customers, you must tailor your content for all of your audiences. This means you need to develop content not only for early-,… Read more…

MQL, DSP, Programmatic, Big Data…Oh My!

This week I am attending both Tech Marketing 360 (for B2B technology companies) and Digiday’s Agency Summit. I find the compelling nature of both agendas to be way too similar, despite the disparate audience focus.

In looking at the agendas of both events, I noticed similarly titled sessions such… Read more…

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