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How to Use Online Marketing to Drive Local Sales

In the huge community that deals with digital marketing, there is no shortage of advice for business owners and marketers: a million and one ways to engage on social media, 25 things you must do right now to improve your site’s SEO, etc., etc. Heck, that’s what I do! But often when I read marketing […]

Excuse Me, Your Data is Showing

You don’t want to be caught with your data exposed. If your organization is still struggling with data management, you are at risk of drowning in it and missing out on critical customer insights. The goal this year for digital marketers should be to make all of that “big data” compact, through an increased investment […]

Marketing to Millennials: How to Reach and Convert Gen Y

Full disclosure: I fall squarely into the millennial demographic, so I’m hardly an impartial judge on this subject. But I’ve also got a lot of experience with this generation, since I’ve worked hard to market to them, and also know what it’s like to be marketed to as one of them. There are a lot […]

How Sweating the Small Stuff Will Lead You to Marketing Success

Parts of your digital marketing experience stink. I guarantee it. There are dead ends you know about on your web site. There are mobile mishaps you understand need to be fixed. And yet, here we are. Now that we’re getting into 2015, we’re facing yet another year with BIG goals and mostly stepping over those […]

3 Macro Trends Driving Massive Growth for Digital Coaches

Here are the Top 3 Macro Trends that are creating incredible opportunities for digital coaches around the world. Following that are my 4 proven tactics that top experts are using to accelerate their personal brands and launch powerful businesses. Trend 1: Business Economics Work aka Proliferation of the Collaborative Economy Giving consumers direct access to […]

What Google’s New .How Top Level Domain Means for Marketers

Today, Google made available the purchase of .how domain names available to the general public. This is huge for digital marketers and coaches around the world. Google’s aim with this new Generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) is to make it easier for businesses and individuals to share content & teach people how to do something. […]

How Content Marketing Has Become Marketing Content

It’s no secret that content marketing has been all of the rage the last couple of years. Adoption rates, as reported by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), bear this out, too. That might lead many to believe that last year’s top digital marketing focus might have been content marketing. That’s great, but there’s a little […]

The Top 20 Digital Marketing Strategists for 2015

The Online Marketing Institute is proud to recognize the Top 20 Digital Marketing Strategists for 2015, chosen for their innovative contributions in the digital marketing community and dedication to creating online education opportunities for business owners, marketers, and students around the world.  The list is comprised of distinguished OMI educators, authors, business owners, digital marketing […]

3 Missed Opportunities: Lead Nurturing to Maximize Conversions

lead nurturing

Lead generation is a tricky thing to get right. And if you’re not doing a great job of nurturing those new leads through to a purchase, your efforts will all have been in vain anyways. There are many tried and true ways to keep your leads interested and engaged, and hopefully your marketing and sales […]

How to Achieve Success Through Relationship Building

It’s been said that it’s not what you know, but who you know that matters in business. The problem is that you can know a lot of people but not have built relationships with them, and then the fact that you know these people really doesn’t matter at all. That’s why today I’ll be showing […]

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