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Why You Should Bid On Branded Terms & Let Resellers Bid, Too

Many companies utilize a network of resellers and/or affiliates to help them generate more customers. These resellers are usually paid some kind of bounty on an agreed upon action (sale, install, appointment). This is true in telecommunications, medical, home products, education, and many other categories you can think of. The key here is to know […]

Boost Revenue this Holiday Season with Google Product Listing Ads

It’s that wonderful time of year again when merchants scramble to implement and solidify their Q4 holiday shopping season strategy. The most profitable time of the year for all retail, Q4, consistently poses new challenges to merchants as ecommerce technology grows and the online retail space becomes more crowded. And now more than ever, Google […]

How to Use the New Google Offer Extensions in AdWords

Google Offer Extensions

Google Offer Extensions, AdWords’ latest new advertising extensions, is now being rolled out to all AdWords advertisers and can be found under the “extensions” tab. The new feature merges discount deals with search ads—exciting! Offer Extensions enables AdWords advertisers to post a rebate, coupon, or discount to their regular Google search ads. Here’s a peek […]

3 Things You Need To Know About the New AdWords Enhanced Campaigns

If you haven’t heard by now, on February 6th Google announced the new AdWords Enhanced Campaigns, which combines mobile and desktop search in every campaign. This is a major change in the fundamental organization and behavior of AdWords campaigns. From the AdWords blog: “Enhanced campaigns help you reach people with the right ads, based on […]

AdWords Conversion Tracking vs. Google Analytics Goal Completions

adwords goal completions

Wondering what’s the difference between AdWords conversion tracking and goal completions in Analytics? For starters, they are not reporting the same data, so do not expect the two to match. Because of this, both tracking codes can be on the same page without interfering with one another. The difference between AdWords Conversion Tracking and Google […]

4 PPC Tips for B2B Marketing

There are some major differences to keep in mind when running a PPC campaign for as part of your B2B digital marketing plan. Although the features and capabilities of AdWords is the same across all PPC campaigns, regardless of products or services, it’s how you use them that will determine the effectiveness of your campaigns. […]

What are Google Adwords Shared Budgets?

It can get overwhelming to manage multiple budgets across many campaigns. This is especially true when certain campaigns always hit their daily budget and others don’t. Factor in news events or promotions and that can drive up search results. Sometimes the day of the week will make an impact and you’ll find yourself rearranging each […]

Google Sitelinks – Time To Review

Last week, Google announced they are going to begin more strictly enforcing their sitelink policy that each link must go to a unique landing page or destination URL. Now you may be thinking what is a sitelink and why do I care?  Sitelinks are part of the pay-per-click ad to allow searches to find specific […]

Google Product Listings – Will Your Company Join?

Recently Google shifted its shopping search to a pay-for-play model by introducing Google Product Listings. Companies that sold products online used to have shopping ads appear for free in search results by simply having a Google Merchant Center account with a product feed.  With this new change the listings below in the right hand column […]

AdCenter: PPC’s (not so evil) Step-Sibling

Microsoft AdCenter

When talking about PPC, it’s not uncommon to constantly reference Google, AdWords, Google Places, Google Analytics, etc. – you get the idea. After all, they’re the big players in the PPC industry and have continually been a successful source for client’s PPC efforts. As a result, search marketers generally recommend starting with PPC campaigns in […]

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