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Archive: November, 2012

How to Use LinkedIn Answers for Business

LinkedIn is often the ugly step child to Facebook when it comes to where many businesses focus their limited social media efforts, but it has many features that businesses can use including answering questions to build brand authority. For those not familiar with LinkedIn answers it’s an online forum where people can post, respond and […]

13 Ways to Improve Social Media Marketing in 2013

In advance of OMI’s Social Media Strategy Summit (all sessions are now available through an OMI subscription), I asked our speakers for the best advice they had for amplifying your social media marketing performance in 2013. Here’s what they said: 1. Develop Visual Content “2013 is the year when we will truly feel the rise of visual marketing. […]

How to Use Instagram for Business

Instagram is a photo sharing service available as an easy to download application for any Android or iOS powered device. The photos captured can be shared on Facebook, Twitter and even Tumblr too. Facebook announced its plans to acquire Instagram in April (2012) just after Instagram released the application to Android users and their user […]

5 Essential Tips for Your Facebook Brand Page

Establishing a business page on Facebook creates a space to nurture relationships with your customer base, but how do you get people to like your page? The following is a list of internal features to help you market your business on Facebook and build your social media presence. Facebook Page Internal Features Before you begin […]

7 Principles of Great Customer Experiences

Call it delight, caring, innovation or service, some companies set themselves apart by earning the durable preference of their customers. If your view is that “life is too short for standard results” then here is what I’ve learned from business leaders who know how to earn the involvement and loyalty of great customers. These loved […]

How to Save Time with Social Media Automation Tools

If you’ve jumped into social media for the purposes of internet marketing – kudos to you. This is a forward thinking action, which can drive tremendous results for your business (and help you leapfrog ahead of your competition.) Perhaps you’ve already noticed that great social media marketing seems to take much more time than you […]

3 Things to Consider Before Using Facebook’s Promoted Posts

Facebook Promoted Posts

Facebook has made it really easy to promote a post. As soon as you post something you will see a little button that says “promote” and it couldn’t be easier. This has raised a lot of questions for both personal and company pages about whether or not you should promote. Many marketers who jumped on […]

How to Use Pinterest for Business

Pinterest has been the topic of social media conversations since it burst onto the social scene, but now the conversation has now evolved into how to use Pinterest for business. I recently sat in on a panel focused on social media in 2013 and one of the comments made was that the only people who […]

5 Ways to Improve Your New LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn Company Banner Image

LinkedIn is the latest social media site to adopt a highly visual layout which started with Facebook’s timeline. While many companies don’t spend a lot of time on optimizing and maintaining their LinkedIn profiles it still is a public facing image of your company. Prospective clients and employees can and will see it before deciding […]

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