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buyer persona

How to Refine Your Content Marketing Strategy with Buyer Personas

buyer persona

Smart content marketing is a very cost-effective way of reaching new leads, particularly when compared to traditional advertising and outbound marketing. And the best part about using content is that you can cast a very wide net for a relatively low cost, since you’re not paying per impression or… Read more…

A Lesson in Viral Video Marketing: Cats, Celebrities, and Madden NFL 15

video marketing

I love cat videos as much as any other girl on Facebook, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that ads with cats are a surefire way to get me to buy cat food. The BuzzFeed video below, sponsored by Friskies and titled “Dear Kitten,” is a fun way to spend 3 minutes, for sure. But the 8 seconds that talk about… Read more…

Tips for Social Media & Email Marketing: Tailoring Content for Your Channels

email marketing

In my last post, I explored the value of social media marketing in comparison with email marketing. There are certainly positives and negatives to both methods of reaching your leads, but the truth is that your view of them probably has a lot to do with what you marketing priorities are. If you’re solely… Read more…

3 Smart Ways to Repurpose Your Best Content for New Audiences

recycling symbol

In the content marketing world, sometimes you strike gold. You write a blog post that gets a lot more buzz than you’re used to, or an article that gets great feedback in comments and on social media. It could be that you had a great new idea, or explained something in a fresh way, or gave smart advice that… Read more…

Designing Content That Engages & Grows Your Business

Content Marketing typewriter

Content is at the core of everything in marketing and sales today. Understanding the types and “flavors” of content that drive action, engagement, and new customer acquisition will help you craft the content that will drive your business forward.

There are three “flavors” of content that… Read more…

3 Storytelling Lessons from Summer’s Blockbuster Movies

storytelling content

With September fading into the distance, summer is now officially over. The kids are settling into school, and the final box office tallies from this summer’s big movies are in. So what movies have you seen? What…you haven’t had time? Even as a busy marketer, you might want to make the time – because… Read more…

The Do’s and Don’ts of Guest Blogging: Get the Leads You Want

Guest blogging is a tried and true way to reach new audiences, and, if you’re good, get them back to your site for some fresh leads. In my last post, I discussed the benefits of guest blogging, and how to get started by finding sites that are a good fit for your content. Now, onto the nitty-gritty: how … Read more…

How to Generate Leads Without Spending a Dime: The Case for Guest Blogging

Lead generation is a big worry for most businesses – if you’re not thinking about it, you probably should be. Keeping your customers returning once you have them is critical of course, but new faces are a requirement for growth and healthy cash flow. Actively seeking out new leads requires effort,… Read more…

5 Ways to Make Your Video Marketing Campaign Succeed

If you’ve even glimpsed at social media this summer, you’ve seen hundreds of ice buckets being poured on your friends’ heads.

It’s pretty much inescapable.

If you’ve read “Contagious: Why Things Catch On” by Jonah Berger, you’ll recognize that this brilliant philanthropic campaign… Read more…

The Social Video Starter Guide [infographic]

When Susan Boyle performed her rendition of “I Dreamed a Dream” on Britain’s Got Talent in 2010, she did more than “dream a dream.” She became an Internet sensation. Overnight, her Youtube clip’s views were boosted by 500% in less than 12 hours after the TV show aired. By the end of the year,… Read more…

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