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6 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Conversions From Your Content

content marketing for conversions

Content marketing has been the flavor of the season for a handful of “seasons” now. And by the looks of it, we’re going to enjoy its company for a long time to come.

A sure sign of its popularity is seeing every business, no matter how big or small, jump headfirst into the choppy waters of content marketing.… Read more…

How to Use the Summer Dip to Boost your Lead Generation

summer growth

If you’re like most B2B marketers, you’re probably thinking of dialing down your lead generation efforts for the summer. But here’s the undeniable truth: no matter the time of the year, your pipeline, big or small, is what fuels your business. So while you may find yourself scaling back, you can’t… Read more…

How to Get the Most Out of Video Content on YouTube

youtube anniversary

A certain video platform just celebrated its 10th anniversary, which means we’ve been hearing even more about this runaway success than usual. The first video clip (elephants, if you must know) was uploaded in April 2005, and YouTube’s beta version launched in May. To commemorate the anniversary,… Read more…

Wouldn’t You Like to Optimize Your Content Quickly for More Traffic and Engagement?

content marketing

Who wouldn’t like more website traffic and engagement? If you’re looking for tips that you can apply today for making your quality Web pages perform even better, you’ve come to the right place.

In my last post, I shared with you some foundational steps for making your content stand the test of quality… Read more…

Create Web Content Like a Pro with These Proven Steps to Drive Traffic and Keep People Engaged

content writing

So the time has come for you to create content for your website because you want to drive more traffic, but the thought of it gives you (and your team) the sweats – what will you even write about?

Never fear: with the right plan, you can ensure your website content is set up with search engine optimization… Read more…

How to Hit a Home Run With Your Content

B2B content marketing

It’s every content marketer’s worst nightmare…

You pour all your resources into creating a major piece of content, such as a white paper or webinar. You think the topic will resonate with your audience. The production quality is excellent. Your message is clear and concise.

But then you press,… Read more…

4 Steps to an Airtight Partnership With Your Content Firm

content agency

Content marketing is no small undertaking. You need multiple people to orchestrate content tactics for strategy, execution, publishing and distribution. And if you’re tackling this in-house, it requires more time, money and emotional bandwidth to get the right team in place.

So it’s understandable… Read more…

Are Your Marketing Efforts Focused on Business Results? Bernie Borges

Are Your Marketing Efforts Focused on Business Results?

Are Your Marketing Efforts Focused on Business Results? Bernie Borges

Each year we are exposed to stories that sound something like “The Top 10 ______ You Need to Do in 20__.

This is not one of those stories.

Rather than provide a list of things you should consider doing with your business this year, I’m only going to suggest one thing. This one thing is in the context of … Read more…

funny video content

How to Use Video Content in Your Marketing Strategy to Engage & Convert

funny video content

Super Bowl ads are always big news, whether you’re in the marketing industry or not. As a Patriots fan I’ll admit my eyes were glued to the screen for reasons other than professional marketing curiosity, but Super Bowl Sunday was a win for more than just my team. The advertising was, for the most part,… Read more…

3 Macro Trends Driving Massive Growth for Digital Coaches Video Coaching

3 Macro Trends Driving Massive Growth for Digital Coaches

3 Macro Trends Driving Massive Growth for Digital Coaches Video Coaching

Here are the Top 3 Macro Trends that are creating incredible opportunities for digital coaches around the world. Following that are my 4 proven tactics that top experts are using to accelerate their personal brands and launch powerful businesses.

Trend 1: Business Economics Work aka ProliferationRead more…

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