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Category: Social Media

5 Effective Ways to Market Your Event Online

In the past, preparing for an event meant pulling together your best promotional materials and setting up shop. Although having a healthy stock of customized mugs, drinkware, pens, and giveaways is still a vital aspect of making your event a raging success and making a lasting impression, many companiesRead more…

5 Ways to Get the Most From Facebook

Even though the majority of businesses today are on Facebook, many small businesses don’t use the site very effectively. Perhaps they think it’s irrelevant, or they perceive it as a waste of time and money, or maybe they are simply intimidated by the prospect of a “social media strategy.” TheseRead more…

How to Use Twitter for Business

Why some tweets catch on and why some businesses are killing it using Twitter.

One of the big challenges I find consistently in my daily personal Twitter activity is determining why some tweets get a lot of love and retweets and why some just sit there without a chirp to mention. This is exactly why I loveRead more…

4 Reasons Your Social Media Strategy May Be Falling Short

There is no doubt about the fact that social media is a key part of the success strategy for any brand. Even a newbie knows that no business can expect long-term growth without taking into account proper social media outreach. Still, you won’t find every brand having a good time with the whole social Read more…

5 Ways to Increase Social Media ROI with Social Login

Social media has become the key medium for users to communicate with brands and businesses. If you aren’t already using social media as a driving force for your business’ growth strategy, you’re not only missing out on an essential tool but are also putting your profitability at risk by ignoring… Read more…

5 Tips for Content Marketing + Social Media Success

Friday can be the perfect day to take time to reflect on the past week and make some plans for the next. But, since we know this time isn’t always readily available, we’ve compiled the top 5 actionable tips you can take from one of the Online Marketing Institute’s latest featured classes, … Read more…

6 Facebook Page Statistics You Need to Know, Part 1

You’ve created quality Facebook content, but now what? How do you measure the performance of your Facebook Page? With so many metrics to track, it can be hard to break through the clutter. To determine the metrics that really matter, why, and what they can teach you, we spoke with Emeric Ernoult, CEO… Read more…

Know Nothing, Share Everything: The Sad but Useful State of Social Media Psychology

How to grasp the seven personas of social media sharing to improve your tweets, posts, and content marketing social strategy.

The confluence of three minor events in the past 48 hours reignited my passion to understand what drives people and why, culturally, we do what we do, especially when it comesRead more…

5 Tips for Taking a Stand on Social Media (and Doing It Well)

How much money would it take for you to post a comment about healthcare or the most recent presidential election on your company’s social media profiles?

The mere thought might make the hair on your neck stand up, but what if $3 billion was on the line?

It just might be.

Because fear of a media circus makes… Read more…

10 Tips to Boost Your Performance Using Facebook Advertising

Facebook is a great advertising tool, but you have to know how to strategize its use in order to get the maximum benefit out of it. Here are some Facebook advertising and marketing tips that you can use to boost performance in a scalable way. Learn how to choose your campaign objectives, the benefits of Read more…

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