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2 Easy Ways to Start Tracking Social Media with Google Analytics

social marketing

By now, even the smallest of small businesses know that an active social media presence is necessary to appeal to web savvy customers in the digital age. But for many, the strategic thinking ends there. The built-in analytics/insights that come with most social platforms really don’t help the problem, since they’re typically not results-oriented enough […]

5 Tips for Defining Key Performance Indicators

In this blog, I will reveal five lessons learned from the course, “Defining Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).” According to the instructor Bill Bruno, CEO of Stratigent, there are many metrics that are important to track, but only a few are KPIs. A metric is a KPI if it meets two criteria: it is tied directly […]

Data Driven Marketing, is 2014 the Year?

After reading the great predictions post  from our friends at Anametrix, I could not help but think, “Is this the year we see data driving the direction of marketing, programmatic advertising and retargeting, predictive CRM,  pervasive use of attribution modeling and all the goodies that now famed “big data” can provide?” I think yes. And […]

5 Web Analytics Truths for Smart Digital Marketing

web analytics truths

In the past, marketers were always looking for useful data—analytics data that would justify the dollars (and time) spent advertising and promoting their product or service. But now, there is often an over-abundance of data. It’s everywhere—web, mobile, social, offline etc. So where do you start? What do you do with the data? Here are […]

4 Steps for Creating an Effective Website that Visitors Love

Website Visitors Love

In my last post, I explained the importance of website usability. In this post, I explain what it takes to make a website so easy to use that your audience will love—and return to again and again because the experience is simple, painless and quick. Let’s dive in and explore 4 steps for creating an effective, usable website—that […]

4 Tips for Using Google Analytics to Measure AdWords Performance

Google Analytics Measurement for AdWords

Many businesses both large and small rely heavily on Google AdWords to drive qualified visitors to their websites and mobile sites. Some run these AdWords campaigns quite effectively, while others have their campaigns on a “set and forget” mode. If you fall into the latter category, your campaigns might yield some “ok” results, but you […]

4 New Ways to Personalize Google Analytics

Google Analytics Layout Options

With so much of today’s marketing and advertising being geared towards personalization, it’s no wonder Google Analytics took its interface a step forward in making their dashboard a little more personalized for users too. Earlier this month, a handful of changes were implemented, all of which make Google Analytics easier for its users and provides […]

4 Guidelines to Using Marketing Analytics for Customer Retention and Lifetime Value

marketing analytics dashboard

Put yourself in the place of this hypothetical marketing team under pressure to drive revenue from a new product line that had been introduced in the previous quarter with disappointing results. The CMO tells her team, “Fix the problem.” She wants new customers for this high-end line of tennis rackets, but she also needs campaigns […]

5 Must-Use Features of Google Webmaster Tools

As I work with new clients I find many are not fully utilizing all of Google’s free tools to understand how their site is being found by Google and how to help the search engines more easily find their content. Along with Google Analytics, which most people know about and use, Google & Bing also […]

3 Tips for Google Analytics Success

Getting the basics down regarding Google Analytics can be overwhelming even for seasoned veterans. By keeping in mind some best practices, you’ll be able to better utilize the capabilities of Google Analytics and cater to your particular needs. Take a look at some of the best practices we recommend below. Admin and Set-Up If you […]

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