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Tips for Social Media & Email Marketing: Tailoring Content for Your Channels

email marketing

In my last post, I explored the value of social media marketing in comparison with email marketing. There are certainly positives and negatives to both methods of reaching your leads, but the truth is that your view of them probably has a lot to do with what you marketing priorities are. If you’re solely… Read more…

The NASCAR Parallel: 3 Ways that Wearable Technology Will Change Advertising

wearable advertising

What do NASCAR drivers, Little League ball players, and smart watch owners all have in common? They wear advertisements.

Maybe not in quite the same way – but as smart watches start to become popular, ads for smart watches will also start to become commonplace. Wearable ads may not just be targeted … Read more…

Twitter Cards for Business: A Guide to Getting Started

Twitter cards boost

If you’re a regular user, you’ve definitely seen Twitter Cards before. Twitter cards are essentially a way to push your content beyond the traditional 140 character limit. With a variety of choices in different optimized card types, you can add a much stronger visual image, resulting in higher… Read more…

7 Game Changing Marketing Trends to Engage Customers and Build Your Brand

Lays - Do Us A Flavor

Given the need for speed and agility, a critical priority for marketers is to reevaluate your current marketing strategies to determine if they are achieving two key objectives; competitively differentiating your brand and engaging customers across the multichannel mix.

Here are 7 game changing… Read more…

Email Marketing vs. Social Media Marketing: Weighing Your Business Priorities

email newsletter

If you’re here, you probably spend a good chunk of your time reading up on marketing and digital to stay current. Social media marketing certainly feels like the wave of the future; every day there are 10 more reasons to focus your time (and budget) on connecting socially to grow your business. It’s… Read more…

Social Starter: A Beginner’s Guide to Google+ Marketing


Putting it simply, Google+ is a marketer’s dream. Sure, there are a few ins and outs you will need to learn to use it well, but it will be well your time. So, let’s kick off and explore the ways it will help you and your business fly.

Build targeted email lists using Google Circles

Google Circles are powerful,… Read more…

Drive Inbound Efficiency with Social Direct Response

social media stats

The number one objective for inbound marketing efforts in the year ahead is to increase conversion rates, according to an August 2014 survey by Ascend2/Research Partners. The same survey also found that 90% of companies are now integrating social media and other marketing tactics for inbound marketing… Read more…

3 Smart Ways to Repurpose Your Best Content for New Audiences

recycling symbol

In the content marketing world, sometimes you strike gold. You write a blog post that gets a lot more buzz than you’re used to, or an article that gets great feedback in comments and on social media. It could be that you had a great new idea, or explained something in a fresh way, or gave smart advice that… Read more…

Designing Content That Engages & Grows Your Business

Content Marketing typewriter

Content is at the core of everything in marketing and sales today. Understanding the types and “flavors” of content that drive action, engagement, and new customer acquisition will help you craft the content that will drive your business forward.

There are three “flavors” of content that… Read more…

Report Takeaways: 5 Questions to Ask Every eLearning Provider in Digital & Social Media

A Second Look: The Initial Findings of the eLearning Vendor Landscape Report 

OMI’s full report on eLearning vendors will be out in the coming weeks – but until then, I’m sharing some of the initial findings, in hopes that they’ll prove useful for decision-makers in this critical area. You’ll… Read more…

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