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The 5 Types of eLearning Providers: Breaking Down Your Options

First Preview: The Initial Findings of the eLearning Vendor Landscape Report

These days, one of the most talked-about areas in company culture, talent acquisition, pure learning and professional development is eLearning. We see it in every sector: agencies are looking at the advantages of a level… Read more…

The Secret Formula for the Perfect Viral Share [infographic]

You’ve done your research. You have a clear business plan. You know who your targeted clients are and you’ve even been properly versed on your social media etiquette to know how you’re going to pitch a projected image on each website. All you need now is to go viral.

It’ll happen. Viral videos … Read more…

Your Ultimate “Back-to-School” Class Schedule, Part I

New & Trending Digital Marketing Classes for your eLearning Education

What’s all this hype about going “back-to-school”? Here at OMI, we like to think we are always in school and we’re lucky enough to have access to the latest on digital marketing trends and best practices from the best… Read more…

4 Great Tips for Putting Together a Social Strategy for Your Business

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that businesses that invest time, resources and, in some cases, money in social media want to see a measurable ROI. In theory, social selling seems like an easy concept to master. After all, you just need to promote your products or services on a social network and then… Read more…

How to Build a Modern Marketing Team

Q&A with Paul Roetzer, Author of The Marketing Performance Blueprint

The marketing talent gap is very real. As we found in our State of Digital Marketing Talent study, “only 8% of those surveyed believe their employees are strong in all areas of digital marketing.” As a result, there are tremendous… Read more…

Top 5 Findings of Digital Life and Learning Study: A Fall Preview

Study uncovers revealing correlation between great companies and their culture of learning with individual happiness and its impact on job satisfaction.

In the not too distant fall, the Online Marketing Institute will release its new Digital Life and Learning Study, an evolution from last year’s… Read more…

5 Effective Ways to Market Your Event Online

In the past, preparing for an event meant pulling together your best promotional materials and setting up shop. Although having a healthy stock of customized mugs, drinkware, pens, and giveaways is still a vital aspect of making your event a raging success and making a lasting impression, many companiesRead more…

5 Sure-Fire Ways to Impress Your CMO

5 ways to impress your CMO

One of the most elusive and challenging executive roles in larger corporations is that of the chief marketing officer (CMO). Typically responsible for all aspects of marketing, from initial product and sales pipeline development to customer retention, the CMO’s role is both broad and significant.… Read more…

How A/B Testing Strategies Can Help You Make Better Decisions

A Q&A with Chris Goward, Author of “You Should Test That!”

This week, we are sitting down with Chris Goward, the author of “You Should Test That!”, a book that teaches the processes, frameworks and techniques of scientific marketing to make better decisions and achieveRead more…

How to Optimize Campaigns While Respecting “Do Not Track” Policies

The Internet isn’t the uncharted frontier it once was. Brands are utilizing the wealth of data at their fingertips to target consumers with hyper-relevant ads, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult for individuals to avoid having their Internet activity tracked.

However, due to a surge Read more…

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