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3 Big Reasons Why Most Agencies (& Brands) Are Losing on Digital Talent

And the 3 ways to fix the problem on both Fronts of Digital ROI & the Talent to Execute.

In light of the recent quote in ClickZ’s press release this week, thought now would be a good time to help clarify the problem of Digital Talent and Skills as well as offer some solutions.

As an organization’s Read more…

Infographic: How to Meaure the Value of Coupons in Digital Campaigns

Coupons have always been a popular way of stretching a budget, and almost 80 percent of consumers use coupons with some regularity. Coupons have long been encouraging brand loyalty, motivating consumers to try new products, and to repeat their purchase habits.

When they were mainly distributed via… Read more…

5 Ways to Get the Most From Facebook

Even though the majority of businesses today are on Facebook, many small businesses don’t use the site very effectively. Perhaps they think it’s irrelevant, or they perceive it as a waste of time and money, or maybe they are simply intimidated by the prospect of a “social media strategy.” TheseRead more…

How to Use Twitter for Business

Why some tweets catch on and why some businesses are killing it using Twitter.

One of the big challenges I find consistently in my daily personal Twitter activity is determining why some tweets get a lot of love and retweets and why some just sit there without a chirp to mention. This is exactly why I loveRead more…

How to Optimize Your Social Media Content

Last week, we shared with you the results of the Online Marketing Institute, Forrester Research, and Business Marketing Association Content Marketing Survey, indicating that B2B content marketing has a long way to go.

Today, we are diving deeper into the content marketing debate with an interview… Read more…

A Very Short Guide on How-To Get Your Content Seen on Facebook

Demystifying Facebook reach and the EdgeRank process.

Many fellow entrepreneurs, small local business owners, and marketers get a little befuddled by Facebook. This can be especially true for B2B folk, but not exclusively (as evidenced by my local yoga studio). Consequently, I thought it could … Read more…

Infographic: How to Launch a Successful Meme Campaign

Memes are a marketing marvel when you get a hit on your hands, as they can make a lasting impression on your target audience and a good impression on your bottom line.

Memes come in all shapes and sizes and there are many examples of how they can take on a life of their own and spawn an almost endless wave of remixes.… Read more…

How to Fix the Content Marketing Problem with Big Data, Marketing Automation and Good Analytics

83% of marketers are clueless on the value of content marketing, latest research reveals.

The new content marketing research released from Forrester in partnership with the Online Marketing Institute and the Business Marketing Association reminds us all how far we have to go to be really effective… Read more…

Survey Results Revealed: Are B2B Marketers As Mature As They Think?

When it comes to B2B Content Marketing, the bad news is a skills gap is emerging as most senior marketers are far behind in the effort to produce content that engages buyers. The good news is, we can only go up from here.

In a recent content marketing benchmark study, the Online Marketing Institute, teamed… Read more…

How to Optimize Your Website: A Checklist for Greater Conversions

Website performance is vital to a successful B2B marketing plan. But while you can test yours for usability and functionality, there’s no magic tool that guarantees your copy is doing its job of connecting, engaging, and driving conversions.

According to a Janrain and Harris Interactive study,… Read more…

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