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Cyber Monday Marketing: 3 Tips for eCommerce Success


It’s just over a week away, after we’ve all wrapped up the Thanksgiving leftovers and weathered the Black Friday stampedes: Cyber Monday. This new-fangled sales holiday – December 1st this year – can be a dream come true for marketers and businesses, since it’s a timely and popular way to … Read more…

3 Critical Steps for Fine-Tuning Your Sales Funnel

Most businesses hoping to improve sales look back to square one: if marketing would only generate more leads, they say, our sales numbers would soar! While that might be true across the board, increasing lead generation isn’t the only way to improve your bottom line. After all, it’s just… Read more…

7 Steps to Effective Lead Nurturing: Reactivate Your Email Lists in 2015

email marketing

Do you struggle with email marketing? You’re not alone. B2B marketers often underestimate the efforts needed to remain in front of their hot leads. Their typically long sales cycles make it all too easy to deviate from the strategic and systematic follow-ups needed to push leads into the customer… Read more…

How to Get Your Social Media Marketing Right (and Wrong): Newsjacking

So far in this blog series, we’ve covered how to perfect your voice for social media channels, and how to run contests that help you boost engagement and goodwill. The last topic is something that can go so right, and also so, so wrong: newsjacking.

What is newsjacking? It’s the process of taking advantage… Read more…

How to Get Your Social Media Marketing Right (and Wrong): Contests

social media marketing

Last week, I started off this social media marketing series with a discussion of voice – the heart and soul (and personality) of your social platform presence. But now it’s time to look at the nuts and bolts strategies that you can use to get the most out of your social media channels. One of the most … Read more…

Guesswork to Science: How to Fix B2B Lead Generation With Intent Signals

shake hands

Wasted marketing budgets fueled by spray-and-pray marketing tactics. Low marketing-to-sales lead conversions. Poor alignment between sales and marketing teams.

Do these scenarios sound familiar to you? I’d bet yes, because what I’ve described is all too familiar. The B2B lead generationRead more…

How to Get Your Social Media Marketing Right (and Wrong): Voice Matters

social media

Using social media to market your brand is just good business – and all the good businesses are doing it. This means there are many great examples of social media done right, and lessons to be learned from the brands that are succeeding.

To see if your social media marketing efforts are hitting the mark,… Read more…

Mapping Out Your Marketing Automation Strategy

marketing automation map

If you’re on a road trip, you started at point A with the goal of getting to Point B. If it’s a long road trip, you may make a few stops here and there, stay the night, and see some sights. Your stops break up the long drive and expose you to new (hopefully) educational experiences along the way. That is what… Read more…

Digital Marketing Team Training: How OMI Helps Your Organization Achieve Digital Excellence

The OMI Education & eLearning Program

The Online Marketing Institute is the world’s most respected global education company in digital and social media marketing. Launches nearly 10 years ago, OMI has helped more companies, from small agencies to global brands, accelerate their digital … Read more…

A Lesson in Viral Video Marketing: Cats, Celebrities, and Madden NFL 15

video marketing

I love cat videos as much as any other girl on Facebook, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that ads with cats are a surefire way to get me to buy cat food. The BuzzFeed video below, sponsored by Friskies and titled “Dear Kitten,” is a fun way to spend 3 minutes, for sure. But the 8 seconds that talk about… Read more…

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