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How Do I Get Started on Social Media


So you want to get started but you feel like there’s so much you aren’t sure of.  How do you uncover the hidden treasure that is social media? Do some reading on the topic, starting here, and you’ll be on your way in no time. It’s not as hard as you may think.

1. GOALS. Establish your social media goals.Read more…

B2B Content Marketing Needs To Mature: Here’s How To Develop Yours

B2B marketers value content marketing – this tactic ranked third to in-person events and digital as the most popular line item in Forrester’s 2014 budget survey. On average, B2B marketers say they spend 12% of their budget on content marketing. (subscription required)

But popularity doesn’tRead more…

5 Steps for Creating an Effective Content Marketing Strategy for Your Small Business

How many times have you heard the saying, “Content is king?” More times than you can count, I’m sure. We all know we need to create “quality content” for our businesses, but it is easier said than done. With so much content flooding the Internet, it is becoming harder and harder to find quality… Read more…

How to Use Real-Time Marketing for Your Brand on Social Media

Major events like the World Cup, Super Bowl, Olympics and The Oscars offer brands the ability to participate in real-time events with a highly engaged fan base. Brands’ activities during the World Cup demonstrated that fans are more likely to support and engage a brand both during and after an event,… Read more…

The 4 P’s of a Successful Marketing Automation Program

I’m a big fan of marketing automation, don’t get me wrong. At Anvil, we champion the use of marketing automation, particularly to our B2B clients. Unfortunately, our own internal use of a marketing automation platform has shed light on major misconceptions regarding its potential power. At the… Read more…

Why You Should Use A/B Testing to Refine Your Online Marketing

For those of us who work in marketing, we know the value of a hunch. That gut-feeling. We use it a lot to brainstorm new campaigns, solve problems, and direct our social media posts. There’s merit to the gut-feeling technique, it’s true. But there’s a downside too – your hunch might not always … Read more…

The Social Media Etiquette Guide for Business [infographic]

Along with the invention of the cell phone came cell phone etiquette, with the invention of the plane came airplane etiquette, and now with the invention and unquestionable explosion of social media comes the need for social media etiquette. The need to spread this information applies not only to personal… Read more…

The Secret Formula for the Perfect Viral Share [infographic]

You’ve done your research. You have a clear business plan. You know who your targeted clients are and you’ve even been properly versed on your social media etiquette to know how you’re going to pitch a projected image on each website. All you need now is to go viral.

It’ll happen. Viral videos … Read more…

Your Ultimate “Back-to-School” Class Schedule, Part I

New & Trending Digital Marketing Classes for your eLearning Education

What’s all this hype about going “back-to-school”? Here at OMI, we like to think we are always in school and we’re lucky enough to have access to the latest on digital marketing trends and best practices from the best… Read more…

4 Great Tips for Putting Together a Social Strategy for Your Business

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that businesses that invest time, resources and, in some cases, money in social media want to see a measurable ROI. In theory, social selling seems like an easy concept to master. After all, you just need to promote your products or services on a social network and then… Read more…

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LaSandra Brill

Senior Manager of Global Social Media