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How to Implement Marketing Automation for Your Business and When You Shouldnt Online Marketing Tips

How to Implement Marketing Automation (and When You Shouldn’t)

How to Implement Marketing Automation for Your Business and When You Shouldnt Online Marketing Tips

There is a real buzz around marketing automation and the results it can deliver for businesses.

However, what few people tend to realize is that effective implementation and subsequent success, is determined by many more factors than just using the technology alone.

There are a number of key foundations… Read more…

email marketing

How to Segment Your Mailing List for More Effective Email Marketing

email marketing

Email marketing is one of the best tools in your digital marketing arsenal, and it should be used as a tool – carefully and with precise aim. Too many businesses still use email as a sort of spray-and-pray campaign, trusting in a big mailing list to bring in at least a few sales, even if the great majority… Read more…

How to Develop a Digital Marketing Plan That Caters to Your Target Audience

Does Your Digital Marketing Strategy Cater to Your Target Market?

How to Develop a Digital Marketing Plan That Caters to Your Target Audience

With digital marketing budgets projected to increase to 35% of total budgets over the course of the next year, mobile growing ever stronger, and wearables actually on the horizon, digital marketing is more important in 2015 than ever before. And knowing what to prioritize in digital is essential for… Read more…

buyer persona

How to Refine Your Content Marketing Strategy with Buyer Personas

buyer persona

Smart content marketing is a very cost-effective way of reaching new leads, particularly when compared to traditional advertising and outbound marketing. And the best part about using content is that you can cast a very wide net for a relatively low cost, since you’re not paying per impression or… Read more…

The Top 20 Digital Marketing Strategists for 2015 Hero Image

The Top 20 Digital Marketing Strategists for 2015

The Top 20 Digital Marketing Strategists for 2015 Hero Image

The Online Marketing Institute is proud to recognize the Top 20 Digital Marketing Strategists for 2015, chosen for their innovative contributions in the digital marketing community and dedication to creating online education opportunities for business owners, marketers, and students aroundRead more…

2 Easy Ways to Start Tracking Social Media with Google Analytics

social marketing

By now, even the smallest of small businesses know that an active social media presence is necessary to appeal to web savvy customers in the digital age. But for many, the strategic thinking ends there. The built-in analytics/insights that come with most social platforms really don’t help the problem,… Read more…

The Freemium Model: What’s All the Buzz About?

freemium services

Freemium isn’t new to 2014, but it certainly is a buzzword this year. This model of doing business shows up a lot in the world of phone apps and online games, but it’s grown into a much wider trend. And for good reason – it’s smart marketing to give potential customers a taste of… Read more…

Making Word of Mouth Work for You: How to Encourage Referrals

word of mouth

You work hard for new leads – spending time, energy and plenty of advertising and marketing dollars to reach them. But as you probably know from frustrating experience, most of the people you reach with marketing, advertising or social media posts will not become leads, and only a tiny percentage … Read more…

Making the Most of a First Time Buyer

first time buyer

It’s great news – a new customer slid all the way down your sales funnel, and finally made a purchase! Don’t leave it there. The fact that you have a new customer means that you’re doing some things right, like lead generation and nurturing. Now you have a chance to convince your new buyer that there’s… Read more…

5 Keys to Planning Content for Mobile Audiences


Mobile is no longer the future of marketing – it’s the present. For marketers, mobile is the “last mile” of effectively connecting with audiences. Pew Research points out that nearly 60% of the U.S. adult population now owns a smartphone and almost half own a tablet. For many people, mobile … Read more…

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