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The Freemium Model: What’s All the Buzz About?

freemium services

Freemium isn’t new to 2014, but it certainly is a buzzword this year. This model of doing business shows up a lot in the world of phone apps and online games, but it’s grown into a much wider trend. And for good reason – it’s smart marketing to give potential customers a taste of… Read more…

Making Word of Mouth Work for You: How to Encourage Referrals

word of mouth

You work hard for new leads – spending time, energy and plenty of advertising and marketing dollars to reach them. But as you probably know from frustrating experience, most of the people you reach with marketing, advertising or social media posts will not become leads, and only a tiny percentage … Read more…

Making the Most of a First Time Buyer

first time buyer

It’s great news – a new customer slid all the way down your sales funnel, and finally made a purchase! Don’t leave it there. The fact that you have a new customer means that you’re doing some things right, like lead generation and nurturing. Now you have a chance to convince your new buyer that there’s… Read more…

5 Keys to Planning Content for Mobile Audiences


Mobile is no longer the future of marketing – it’s the present. For marketers, mobile is the “last mile” of effectively connecting with audiences. Pew Research points out that nearly 60% of the U.S. adult population now owns a smartphone and almost half own a tablet. For many people, mobile … Read more…

3 Missed Opportunities: Lead Nurturing to Maximize Conversions

lead nurturing

Lead generation is a tricky thing to get right. And if you’re not doing a great job of nurturing those new leads through to a purchase, your efforts will all have been in vain anyways. There are many tried and true ways to keep your leads interested and engaged, and hopefully your marketing and sales teams… Read more…

How to Use Freebies and Samples to Generate Leads

generate leads

Whoever said that there is no such thing as a free lunch obviously never heard of lead generation. Smart marketers and business owners know that giving away something for nothing has a lot of bonuses that go well beyond that seasonal “it’s better to give than to receive” feeling. When it’s done… Read more…

Cyber Monday Marketing: 3 Tips for eCommerce Success


It’s just over a week away, after we’ve all wrapped up the Thanksgiving leftovers and weathered the Black Friday stampedes: Cyber Monday. This new-fangled sales holiday – December 1st this year – can be a dream come true for marketers and businesses, since it’s a timely and popular way to … Read more…

3 Critical Steps for Fine-Tuning Your Sales Funnel

Most businesses hoping to improve sales look back to square one: if marketing would only generate more leads, they say, our sales numbers would soar! While that might be true across the board, increasing lead generation isn’t the only way to improve your bottom line. After all, it’s just… Read more…

7 Steps to Effective Lead Nurturing: Reactivate Your Email Lists in 2015

email marketing

Do you struggle with email marketing? You’re not alone. B2B marketers often underestimate the efforts needed to remain in front of their hot leads. Their typically long sales cycles make it all too easy to deviate from the strategic and systematic follow-ups needed to push leads into the customer… Read more…

How to Get Your Social Media Marketing Right (and Wrong): Newsjacking

So far in this blog series, we’ve covered how to perfect your voice for social media channels, and how to run contests that help you boost engagement and goodwill. The last topic is something that can go so right, and also so, so wrong: newsjacking.

What is newsjacking? It’s the process of taking advantage… Read more…

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