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Google Sends a Message: Get Mobile or Get Out

Mobile search

We’ve been hearing it for years: if you don’t have a mobile-friendly website, you’re going to suffer across the board. Searchers will bounce right off your site if it doesn’t load quickly or format well on their device, you’ll lose sales if your site layout doesn’t make for easy browsing,… Read more…

Final Warning: Big Data & Programmatic Are No Longer Optional


Marketers can no longer ignore the importance of programmatic advertising – it’s time to incorporate this into your marketing strategies.

If you are spending more than $5,000 per month on advertising, then it’s time to wise up. And for anyagency, especially creative, this is even… Read more…

Squeeze More from Social with Social Media Management Tools

social media management

There was a time when you couldn’t schedule Facebook posts in advance, or coordinate tweets to go out at a certain time. The functionality on fledgling social media sites was minimal, and other app developers jumped in to fill that gap with social media management tools. I remember being pretty amazed… Read more…

5 Tips for Getting Big Results at Work – By Doing Less


1.    Digital & Social Apps

Tip: Less content.

You’re just doing too much at the click of a finger, in the hope that someone will see it. For marketers, this usually comes down to trying to get more and more out to gain scale, and reach more people. But too often this is done without thoughtful targeting… Read more…

Perfecting PPC: 3 Expert Tips to Get More for Your Money


Once you’re up and running with a paid search campaign, it’s up to you (or your team) to follow it closely and make improvements and adjustments as needed. PPC campaigns aren’t just a ‘Set It and Forget It’ traffic boost; the data you collect can and should be used to optimize your ads for success,… Read more…

How To Build a Solid Foundation for Marketing Automation

marketing automation

There is a growing buzz around marketing automation and the results it can deliver for businesses. But what few people realize is that effective implementation, and subsequent success, is determined by many more factors than the technology alone. There are a number of key foundations that need to … Read more…

How To Crush Your First Paid Search Campaign

Paid search

Paid search campaigns are a critical element in a good digital marketing strategy, but not something that I have had to deal with much in my marketing roles. Basically I’ve done a lot of SEO, and not a lot of SEM! But I’ve been getting up to speed in recent weeks with OMI’s Search Engine Marketing classes,Read more…

Should You Be Reshaping Your Social Media Strategy?

brand marketing

There are so many do’s and don’ts in the social media marketing handbook these days, it’s hard to know how to get the most out of your channels. Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about brands that treat their social platforms as extended sales funnels, with a closer eye on their ROI than their brand… Read more…

4 Steps to an Airtight Partnership With Your Content Firm

content agency

Content marketing is no small undertaking. You need multiple people to orchestrate content tactics for strategy, execution, publishing and distribution. And if you’re tackling this in-house, it requires more time, money and emotional bandwidth to get the right team in place.

So it’s understandable… Read more…

local search

How to Use Online Marketing to Drive Local Sales

local search

In the huge community that deals with digital marketing, there is no shortage of advice for business owners and marketers: a million and one ways to engage on social media, 25 things you must do right now to improve your site’s SEO, etc., etc. Heck, that’s what I do! But often when I read marketing tips… Read more…

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