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Popexpert Launches New Live Coaching Platform: Interview with CEO Aaron Kahlow

popexpert CEO Aaron Kahlow

Earlier this week I sat down with’s founder and CEO Aaron Kahlow, to catch up on how things are progressing into 2015 for the popexpert and OMI partnership. This is especially interesting since popexpert has offered a more general market approach to training and education… Read more…

The Quick and Dirty Guide to Starting Off Your Small Business on Social Media

social media for SMBs

Every day, more and more small businesses are embracing social media as a new and necessary part of both smart marketing and good branding. Of course, I’m glad to see this. But so often we see rather sad Facebook pages, inactive Twitter accounts, neglected social platforms. The road to weak marketing… Read more…

4 Great Ways to Personalize the Ecommerce Experience

personalize ecommerce

I love visiting the family-owned shoe store in the town where I grew up and getting some one-on-one guidance on sizing and styles. But I also love shopping online! Ecommerce personalization is about bringing the personal touch of a family-run shop into the modern online shopping experience. Personalized… Read more…

The 15 Most Influential Educators In Digital Marketing: 2015

digital marketing

The digital education landscape is ever-changing and ever-intricate. Teaching marketers, brands and businesses of all sizes how to get more ROI from digital is an exciting and innovative task. Because of that, we’ve seen lots of great marketing coaches, teachers and mentors helping people learn… Read more…

What NPR Can Teach Businesses About Marketing, Media and Evolving with the Times

NPR brand marketing

It may feel a little counter-intuitive to take marketing advice from a non-profit, but hear me out. National Public Radio is an institution, as traditional as apple pie and ice cream. But they’re not aging out or falling by the wayside – an impressive feat when you consider that younger generations… Read more…

The #1 Reason Why Small Businesses Must Utilize Social Media

social strategy

Despite the overwhelming move toward social marketing and social businesses, there are still many small businesses that fail to understand the importance of social media, and even refuse to use it as part of their marketing strategy. Plenty of business owners continue to treat social media as if it… Read more…

4 Ways to Crush Digital Marketing Like Zipcar

Zipcar digital marketing

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve heard of Zipcar – the car-sharing service that allows members to book and borrow a car in their local area. It grew up from a small Boston startup into the poster child for the new ‘sharing economy,’ and mostly without inciting the negative backlash… Read more…

Creating Consistency in a Converged Society: The New Digital Marketing Focus

digital marketing

Digital marketing is constantly evolving – new social platforms emerge, algorithmic updates restructure how we think about SEO best practices, new buzzwords materialize that dictate trends. However, in 2015, consistency is the priority above all other things.

Content is Still King, But…… Read more…

Mobilize Your Content for a Growing Mobile Audience

mobile marketing

We all know that content is king, where search engines and social media platforms rule the digital landscape. Brands like Red Bull and GoPro have embraced the concept of being publishers, and sales have followed. While it is easy and comfortable to predict content creation, optimization and syndication… Read more…

5 Real-Life Reasons for Agency Decay

agency decay

A look at why we may lose deals, talent, and our very own soul after years of being in the agency world.

At a recent visit to the dentist, he started rattling off the reasons why I have some tooth decay. You know…what you eat, acidity levels, proper care, genetics – and that you’re old and so are your … Read more…

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