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Archive: August, 2012

[Video] Todd Wilms on SAP’s Global Social Media Strategy

Recently, OMI Founder Aaron Kahlow sat down with Todd Wilms, Senior Director of Social Media at SAP, to get a behind the scenes look at SAP’s global social media program. Check out this video interview below where Todd discusses:

  • How to leverage social media on a global scale
  • Why a passion for social
  • Read more…

5 Tips for Landing Page Optimization Success from Tim Ash

Tim Ash

I’m thrilled that one of my favorite experts on landing page optimization, Tim Ash, is joining us this September at the Digital Marketing Strategy Summit on Conversion/Analytics Day (Friday, September 21). Tim will conduct live landing page reviews for attendees—so sign up and submit your… Read more…

AdCenter: PPC’s (not so evil) Step-Sibling

Microsoft AdCenter

When talking about PPC, it’s not uncommon to constantly reference Google, AdWords, Google Places, Google Analytics, etc. – you get the idea. After all, they’re the big players in the PPC industry and have continually been a successful source for client’s PPC efforts. As a result, search… Read more…

How to Use Images in Social Media to Drive Engagement

Photos going viral
Pictures are a hot topic in 2012. From Instagram to Memes, they resonate with users and quickly engage them while being easy to share. Both businesses and personal social media users have been spending more time incorporating images into their social media playbook to stay connected… Read more…

What are Promoted Tweets?

By now you have probably seen some promoted tweets or promoted trends on your Twitter feed. Advertising on Twitter is unique in that it can target multiple objectives; not just brand awareness but also promotions and gaining followers.

Promoted Accounts are a feature of the Who to Follow section on … Read more…

18 Tips to Accelerate Social Media and Digital ROI

In advance of the upcoming Digital Marketing Strategy Summit, I asked a few of our speakers to share their favorite advice for accelerating digital and social media ROI in 2013. Here’s what they had to say:

1. Align your SEO efforts with cross functional marketing team strategies.

“In … Read more…

Email Copy That Converts: 5 Tips for Success from Roberta Rosenberg

Roberta Rosenberg

We’re just 27 days away from the start of the Digital Marketing Strategy Summit—the leading online event for accelerating social media and digital revenue. To give you a taste of the great education we have in store for you, I interviewed #OMISummit speaker Roberta Rosenberg.

I’ve … Read more…

Is Affiliate Marketing Right for Your Business?

Affiliate marketing is a traffic driving practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. That sounds simple enough.

From a business standpoint affiliate marketing is advantageous because it … Read more…

How to Create an Effective Landing Page Funnel

What is “The Funnel?”
A successful landing page funnel will have a simple, easy navigation path that drives visitors towards your objectives. Like an actual funnel, you want to lead your visitor through the landing pages to complete the ultimate goal.

What Does an Effective Funnel LookRead more…

The Future of Search: 10 Questions with Larry Kim of Wordstream

Larry Kim, Wordstream

Over the past few years, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know the team at Wordstream, a provider of search marketing tools. Not only are their search marketing solutions smart, but their marketing and product development team is equally as smart and awesome, as well. So I thought you’d… Read more…

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