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How well do you know digital marketing?

Do you & your team have the digital marketing expertise to succeed? Many marketers don’t, and this lack of critical skills is inhibiting career and business growth. In fact, OMI’s State of Digital Talent study that only 8% of advertising & marketing executives believe their digital talent is strong in all areas of digital marketing. Do you want to […]

50% of Content Marketing Efforts Are a Waste, and Why That’s Good for You

If you’re investing in content marketing, there’s roughly a 50% chance your efforts are a waste. And that’s a good thing. That number might seem extreme, but I’m going to back it up with 4 facts: 1. 59% of advertising & Fortune 500 leaders do not believe their digital talent has the skills necessary to […]

3 Alarming (but Exciting) Content Marketing Statistics

content marketing statistic

Content marketing—including blogs, webinars, and white papers—is the heartbeat of successful digital marketing. It can make a boring product exciting, a confusing message clear, a soulless website come alive, and perhaps most exciting of all, the catalyst to growing your company—and your career. Most marketing leaders agree on the importance of content marketing. But when […]

3 Qualities of Super B2B Marketers: An Interview with Jasmine Sandler

jasmine sandler

Do you and your team have what it takes to be successful B2B marketers? In today’s new world of B2B, it takes much more than a large sales force or dial list to be successful. If you want to drive sales of epic proportions, you need to make sure you have the skills and experience […]

How to Build Your Digital Marketing Dream Career: Advice from Lisa Buyer

lisa buyer - digital marketing career interview

Back in August 2012, I finally had the chance to meet digital PR expert Lisa Buyer. Lisa is the founder of The Buyer Group, an interactive agency, and a lead instructor here at OMI (check out her course on digital PR). Like me, she also hails from sunny South Florida, but we never met until […]

How B2B Marketers Can Use Primary Research to Build Authority

Primary Research Example: Our Very Own "State of Digital Talent" Report

With so many businesses leveraging content marketing these days, it can become challenging to make your brand’s voice rise above the chatter. One way you can separate yourself is by releasing high-quality, original research. This strategy takes more time and effort than churning out blog posts, but it could be the key to elevating your brand […]

A Day in the Life of a Busy Social Media Marketer [infographic]

social media tools info graphic

The demands on social media marketers continue to grow and distractions are everywhere. For many of us, it’s challenging to efficiently manage the day-to-day tasks involved with the constantly-changing landscape. With that, it’s important to streamline your social media initiatives as much as possible, in order to save time & stay focused. Our friends over […]

Digital Marketing Talent Spotlight: Shelly Lucas of D&B Reminds Us to ‘Give It Our All’

Over the past few years, I’ve had the chance to get to know Shelly Lucas, Senior Marketing Manager at D&B/Hoover’s. We met through the Hoover’s Twitter account while I was hosting a weekly Twitter chat about marketing. Shelly (AKA @Hoovers @DnBUS) was the only business account that consistently attended and interacted with other attendees. I […]

Most Coveted Digital Marketing Skills for 2014 [Infographic]

digital marketing skills infographic

As part of our 2014 State of Digital Marketing Talent study (announced yesterday, see post here), we asked 747 advertising and Fortune 500 marketing executives which digital marketing skills they value the most, and which skills their talent actually possess. This enabled us to identify the largest talent gaps, and the most coveted digital marketing […]

Digital Marketing Talent Study: Skills Are Inflated and Talent Is Slim

New research by OMI, in partnership with ClickZ and Kelly Staffing, reveals Fortune 500 companies and global agencies face a serious digital marketing skills shortage. I’m thrilled to announce the release of our new 27-page study, the State of Digital Marketing Talent: Part 1 (Overview). This past summer, we surveyed 747 executives from the Fortune 500 and […]

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