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The 15 Most Influential Educators In Digital Marketing: 2015

digital marketing

The digital education landscape is ever-changing and ever-intricate. Teaching marketers, brands and businesses of all sizes how to get more ROI from digital is an exciting and innovative task. Because of that, we’ve seen lots of great marketing coaches, teachers and mentors helping people learn more about all the different niches in digital marketing. On […]

3 Macro Trends Driving Massive Growth for Digital Coaches

Here are the Top 3 Macro Trends that are creating incredible opportunities for digital coaches around the world. Following that are my 4 proven tactics that top experts are using to accelerate their personal brands and launch powerful businesses. Trend 1: Business Economics Work aka Proliferation of the Collaborative Economy Giving consumers direct access to […]

The Top 20 Digital Marketing Strategists for 2015

The Online Marketing Institute is proud to recognize the Top 20 Digital Marketing Strategists for 2015, chosen for their innovative contributions in the digital marketing community and dedication to creating online education opportunities for business owners, marketers, and students around the world.  The list is comprised of distinguished OMI educators, authors, business owners, digital marketing […]

7 Game Changing Marketing Trends to Engage Customers and Build Your Brand

Lays - Do Us A Flavor

Given the need for speed and agility, a critical priority for marketers is to reevaluate your current marketing strategies to determine if they are achieving two key objectives; competitively differentiating your brand and engaging customers across the multichannel mix. Here are 7 game changing marketing trends you need to consider as you reevaluate your strategies. […]

Report Takeaways: 5 Questions to Ask Every eLearning Provider in Digital & Social Media

A Second Look: The Initial Findings of the eLearning Vendor Landscape Report  OMI’s full report on eLearning vendors will be out in the coming weeks – but until then, I’m sharing some of the initial findings, in hopes that they’ll prove useful for decision-makers in this critical area. You’ll find the first half of this […]

The Social Video Starter Guide [infographic]

When Susan Boyle performed her rendition of “I Dreamed a Dream” on Britain’s Got Talent in 2010, she did more than “dream a dream.” She became an Internet sensation. Overnight, her Youtube clip’s views were boosted by 500% in less than 12 hours after the TV show aired. By the end of the year, the […]

Your Ultimate “Back-to-School” Class Schedule, Part I

New & Trending Digital Marketing Classes for your eLearning Education What’s all this hype about going “back-to-school”? Here at OMI, we like to think we are always in school and we’re lucky enough to have access to the latest on digital marketing trends and best practices from the best and the brightest teachers in the […]

40+ Ways to Improve Your Digital Strategy in 2014, Part Three

The Online Marketing Institute’s Annual List of Top Digital Strategists Share Their Best Advice for Driving ROI. Welcome to part-three of the top digital educators series. This part is focused on digital marketing as a whole, including data, search, and integrated strategy. If you missed part one and two, read about what top OMI strategists had to […]

40+ Ways to Improve Your Digital Strategy in 2014, Part Two

The Online Marketing Institute’s Annual List of Top Digital Strategists Share Their Best Advice for Driving ROI in the New Year. Welcome to part-two of the top digital strategists series. This part is focused on B2B marketing and how to use content to improve your digital strategy. If you missed part-one, read what top OMI educators had […]

Best of Online Marketing: Week of August 10, 2012

Twitter Tips

Before you head out for the weekend, take a spin through my favorite online marketing posts from the past 7 days. This week, learn how to get more ReTweets, use Storify for compelling content, build relationships through social media, and more. 10 Tips for Getting More ReTweets Getting people to ReTweet your content is a […]

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