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Category: Marketing Automation

How to Implement Marketing Automation for Your Business and When You Shouldnt Online Marketing Tips

How to Implement Marketing Automation (and When You Shouldn’t)

How to Implement Marketing Automation for Your Business and When You Shouldnt Online Marketing Tips

There is a real buzz around marketing automation and the results it can deliver for businesses.

However, what few people tend to realize is that effective implementation and subsequent success, is determined by many more factors than just using the technology alone.

There are a number of key foundations… Read more…

Mapping Out Your Marketing Automation Strategy

marketing automation map

If you’re on a road trip, you started at point A with the goal of getting to Point B. If it’s a long road trip, you may make a few stops here and there, stay the night, and see some sights. Your stops break up the long drive and expose you to new (hopefully) educational experiences along the way. That is what… Read more…

The 4 P’s of a Successful Marketing Automation Program

I’m a big fan of marketing automation, don’t get me wrong. At Anvil, we champion the use of marketing automation, particularly to our B2B clients. Unfortunately, our own internal use of a marketing automation platform has shed light on major misconceptions regarding its potential power. At the… Read more…

How A/B Testing Strategies Can Help You Make Better Decisions

A Q&A with Chris Goward, Author of “You Should Test That!”

This week, we are sitting down with Chris Goward, the author of “You Should Test That!”, a book that teaches the processes, frameworks and techniques of scientific marketing to make better decisions and achieveRead more…

K.I.S.S. This Marketing Automation Strategy

Why is marketing automation a trend that businesses can’t afford to ignore? See the results for your own business. It starts with a marketing automation strategy that addresses the basics—audience, goals, and activities.

Marketing automation is “so hot right now.” According to VentureBeat,… Read more…

What You Never Knew About Repeat Customers (and What to Do Now)

A user who buys from your site once is a first-time customer. When this first-time customer comes to your site for a second time and makes a purchase, she becomes a returning customer. And if she comes back over and over again to buy from you, she is termed a repeat customer – the bee’s knees of all customers!Read more…

Marketing Automation’s Digital Body Language Optimizes Lead Engagement

Modern marketing is all about using technology to more efficiently and effectively produce revenue.  Tapping into the “digital body language” of a lead interacting with a company’s content (websites, outbound emails, forms, etc.) provides a reservoir of opportunity for optimizing many… Read more…

How to Stop Leads from Leaking Out of Your Sales Funnel

leaky sales funnel

In our final installment on how to develop and nurture sales-ready qualified leads (here is the last post on multi-touch email & teleprospecting), we will look at a second case study where a firm successfully incorporated a multi-touch, multi-channel marketing approach to boost sales. However,… Read more…

Pinpointing Influencers in B2B Sales Using Big Data

Don’t let the term “Big Data” scare you off; just because there is a ton of customer data available at your fingertips, does not mean it’s unmanageable. In fact, thanks to predictive analytics, you can take that information and increase overall marketing effectiveness across multiple channels.… Read more…

How a Glove Manufacturer Exceeded Sales Goals with Multi-Touch Email & Teleprospecting

grow sales

In the previous four posts on the importance of multi-touch lead nurturing, we discussed what it takes to deliver a qualified, sales-ready lead. In summary, we said:

  • Marketing is now required to generate more of the higher quality sales-ready leads defined by the sales organization.
  • This isn’t
  • Read more…

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