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Category: Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation’s Digital Body Language Optimizes Lead Engagement

Modern marketing is all about using technology to more efficiently and effectively produce revenue.  Tapping into the “digital body language” of a lead interacting with a company’s content (websites, outbound emails, forms, etc.) provides a reservoir of opportunity for optimizing many… Read more…

How to Stop Leads from Leaking Out of Your Sales Funnel

leaky sales funnel

In our final installment on how to develop and nurture sales-ready qualified leads (here is the last post on multi-touch email & teleprospecting), we will look at a second case study where a firm successfully incorporated a multi-touch, multi-channel marketing approach to boost sales. However,… Read more…

Pinpointing Influencers in B2B Sales Using Big Data

Don’t let the term “Big Data” scare you off; just because there is a ton of customer data available at your fingertips, does not mean it’s unmanageable. In fact, thanks to predictive analytics, you can take that information and increase overall marketing effectiveness across multiple channels.… Read more…

How a Glove Manufacturer Exceeded Sales Goals with Multi-Touch Email & Teleprospecting

grow sales

In the previous four posts on the importance of multi-touch lead nurturing, we discussed what it takes to deliver a qualified, sales-ready lead. In summary, we said:

  • Marketing is now required to generate more of the higher quality sales-ready leads defined by the sales organization.
  • This isn’t
  • Read more…

How to Shorten the Sales Cycle: Part 2

b2b market segmentation

In our last post, we examined the first four out of eleven ways to shorten the qualified lead generation process: planning, clearly defining “sales-ready qualified lead”, quantifying the “sales-ready lead quota, and aligning sales, marketing and management with your plan.

Now, we look at… Read more…

4 Ways to Shorten Your Sales Cycle

shorten sales cycle

If you’ve followed our first two posts on delivering better qualified leads, you understand why it can easily take 13 or more “touches” to convert a prospect into a sales-ready qualified lead. (See post 1 and post 2.)

But you can speed up this process. In this installment, we examine 4 ways to shortenRead more…

Why It Takes 7 to 13+ Touches to Deliver a Qualified Sales Lead (Part 2)

In our first post on this topic, we examined why marketing is generating too few sales-ready qualified leads and our solution to the problem; marketing must take on the responsibility of pre-qualifying leads to a higher level prior to passing them along to sales. Remember, sales resources are expensive… Read more…

Why Marketing Automation May Be Killing Good Marketing

Many companies invest tens of thousands of dollars a year in marketing automation software. They are promised better tracking and easier nurturing. They’re made to feel that all they need to do is “use the system” and all of their marketing problems will be solved. This all sounds good and sells… Read more…

15 Tips for Marketing Automation Success

Carlos Hidalgo on Marketing Automation

This past Monday, OMI lead instructor Carlos Hidalgo taught our Marketing Automation Crash Course. His three, 30-minute classes covered the fundamental how-tos and best practices of successful demand generation, lead management, and marketing automation. Our students flooded Carlos with great… Read more…

Nurturing More Leads to Revenue: 6 Questions with Carlos Hidalgo

In case you haven’t heard, today we announced our new partnership with the Marketing Automation Institute (MAI), the leading authority on marketing automation. With this new alliance, we will develop and deliver world-class B2B marketing education, and help marketers navigate the way to… Read more…

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