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Perfecting PPC: 3 Expert Tips to Get More for Your Money


Once you’re up and running with a paid search campaign, it’s up to you (or your team) to follow it closely and make improvements and adjustments as needed. PPC campaigns aren’t just a ‘Set It and Forget It’ traffic boost; the data you collect can and should be used to optimize your ads for success,… Read more…

How To Crush Your First Paid Search Campaign

Paid search

Paid search campaigns are a critical element in a good digital marketing strategy, but not something that I have had to deal with much in my marketing roles. Basically I’ve done a lot of SEO, and not a lot of SEM! But I’ve been getting up to speed in recent weeks with OMI’s Search Engine Marketing classes,Read more…

How to Get a .How Domain Name Google's New Top Level Domain Extension

What Google’s New .How Top Level Domain Means for Marketers

How to Get a .How Domain Name Google's New Top Level Domain Extension

Today, Google made available the purchase of .how domain names available to the general public. This is huge for digital marketers and coaches around the world.

Google’s aim with this new Generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) is to make it easier for businesses and individuals to share content &… Read more…

Blogging: An On-Page SEO Checklist

The structure of a blog, as well as the content, is key to making it work in SEO terms. Even the most engaging and well-written blogs can get lost in the vortex of the digital world without the essential SEO markers to ensure that they end up in the right place and reach their full potential. Below is a guideRead more…

5 Reasons Your SEO Strategy Needs Google+

Getting found in Google is a top goal for any local business. And rightly so. Google is still the top search engine, with 67 percent of all monthly searches happening there, according to comScore. But some businesses remain mystified about how they can get found by more local searchers using Google.Read more…

SEO for Start-Ups: 3 Powerful Tips for Driving SEO Traffic Early On

According to CBInsights’ latest seed investing report, only 40 percent of seeded companies go on to raise follow-on round of financing. Sixty percent enter the dead pool. Hence, growing a company efficiently and effectively becomes critical in creating a sustainable business, which would eventuallyRead more…

Adjusting Your SEO Strategy For A Post-Hummingbird World

What Is Hummingbird?

While Google makes small tweaks to its algorithm up to 500 times per year, Hummingbird marks the first time in 15 years that Google has completely replaced the entire base of its search algorithm. While only 10 percent of searches were impacted by the Panda update, and 3 percent by… Read more…

5 Ways an SEO Site Audit Can Improve Your Website’s Rankings and Profits

How is your website doing? Are you ranking well? Is the site healthy? Oh, sure, you check your analytics, but are you really using the data productively? Consider this: eMarketer shared an EConsultancy and Lynchpin study that reported less than half of website marketers find analytics of any use … Read more…

How to Boost Search Rankings by Monitoring Your Brand Presence

Attracting high-quality editorial links is the Holy Grail of search engine optimization, but too often companies and individuals overlook one of the easiest ways of attracting them – asking.

There are plenty of great ways you can pitch content ideas that might get you a link – guest posting… Read more…

4 Ways Social Media Helps You Land Awesome Links

links and sep factors

When you hear about marketing opportunities using social media you might not immediately think of link building. Traffic, clicks, conversions – all these things come to mind with social media marketing, but for the purposes of link building social media sites can work quite well into a strategy.… Read more…

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